Social Anxiety Disorder is a condition in which people fear what their peers, family members and friends might think about them. In this situation we are dealing with a form of social anxiety for musicians known as performance anxiety or stage fright.

The fact is everyone experiences performance anxiety. I heard a story about the TV personality Johnny Carson who had been on the Tonight Show for 25 years. He had problems with his heart so they hooked a heart monitor up to his chest to see when he experiences a change in his heart rate. Before the curtains opened his heart rate was normal but when the curtain raised his heart rate climbed over twice the normal amount. Imagine still having the anxiety after being on TV for 25 years. This articles aim isnt to be taken as cure for stage fright but it will hopefully reduce it dramatically.

Below is a list of ways to reduce the feeling of stage fright:

  • Accept that you are going to have some level of anxiety. As in the story about Johnny Carson had been on tv for 25 years and still experienced levels of anxiety
  • Do not think about messing up-fact is everyone messes up no matter how professional they are.
  • Get rid of perfectionist thinking- no one is perfect all you can do is all you can do
  • Do not resist looking at the audience-Not looking at your audience causes a pattern of avoidance and avoidance causes even more anxiety
  • Do not try to “feel” certain emtions when you play just let it happen
  • Do not try to psyche yourself up as this creates even more anxiety because you are still resisting the feeling of anxiety
  • Accept that people might make negative remarks- You dont want it to happen but you cannot stop people from being negative Do not resist the remarks and do not think of ways of getting back at them for saying negative remarks it just causes lots of distress
  • Accept that not everyone is going to like your type of music
  • Do not think that everyone there is to see you fail. Do you think that when people pay $70 to see Metallica they are there to see them fail? Of course not those people are there to see them play.
  • Do not make fun of someone else if they feel anxious or make mistakes this only means that you feel people are going to be judgemental of you
  • Be your own best friend by not being so hard on yourself. Alot of people get in the habit of saying they are their own worst critique. STOP THIS NOW!!! BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND instead.
  • The main points are to not resist what happens. Let go of whatever emotions you may feel.

In the event you still experience panic attacks or any other serious forms of anxiety please seek professional help.


Affirmations are a good way to install good self talk to help block out some negative thoughts or doubts you might have

One of the affirmations i use starts with “It Might Be True” For instance

“It might be true that people might make negative remarks but i will still maintain my peace”

“It might be true that i might feel anxiety but so does everyone else”

“It might be true that i might make a mistake but i still love myself regardless”

The key here is accepting what is which allows you to stay in the present because avoidance only causes more anxiety. Avoidance does not let you stay in the present moment. Ever played a show and you experienced a feeling as if you werent there.

Examine areas where you are avoiding the present moment when you perform. Are you trying to “feel” emotions because you dont want to feel anxious? Are you avoiding looking at the crowd because you feel anxious?

These tactics can be used in any form of areas that you might experience anxiety. If you play sports or a public speaker these will also work.

Accept what happens

Treat yourself lovingly even though you make mistakes or feel anxiety

Treat others lovingly even though they make mistakes

And most of all enjoy yourself. After all music is supposed to be enjoyable

There is a method that you can use called the Linden Method that you can use to cure your anxiety. For more information see the Ad on the side.

There may be an active way you can try to help Randy Blythe. There is a petition on the whitehouse site Click Here that allows you to create a signature to petition to try to help free randy blythe from. After being in the Czech Repulic prison in Prague he is still there despite a $200,000 that was posted on his behalf. Please show your support by signing. Randy Blythe for those who dont know is the lead sing for heavy metal group Lamb of God. It is alleged that he pushed a fan off stage which resulted in a 19 yr old fan sustaining head injuries where he slipped into a coma and died 3 weeks later. To add my own opinion after seeing the alleged video of the incident it seem the kid jumped the barricade 3 times twice landing on his head and the 3rd time who really knows happens. It seems all circumstantial to me and that Randy did nothing to cause the fans death.  FREE RANDY!!!!


Band Review: Black Cat Theory

Posted: February 15, 2012 by metalbandnetwork in Band Reviews

Black Cat Theory is a 2 piece : Rock / Metal / Experimental group from the U.K.

Black Cat Theory are Steve Martin – Singer and Stuart Bell who plays all instruments on the album Magnetic Fields and does backing vocals.

It’s very hard to describe them because its rare you find a group with such a unique sound.  They list their influences as being Pantera, Disturbed, Metallica, Priest, Guns N’Roses, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Creed, Shinedown and Savatage.  You can hear some similiarities in their music to all these bands with their own blend.

Very well written songs with great hooks, great riffs and melodic and tasteful solos which todays music nowadays in my opinion lack. I think the band continue on this path will do very well.  Songs like “I am the hurricane” which reminds me of some old school thrash bands like white zombie and maybe alice in chains.  “Come on Inside” has some Godsmack elements but even though you hear parts of these elements its still with their own blend. Be sure to get their album Magnetic Fields NOW!!!

Their album Magnetic Fields is available for FREE download at

You can also follow them on facebook at

News: Metal Band Network Forum

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We are pleased to announce that now we have a forum..Hope everyone finds it useful. You can go here for the forum. Thanks

"Time of the Equinox"

Amadeus Awad's "Time of the Equinox" is truely a piece of art.
This album brings back guitarist virtuosity in a different way.
Reflecting back to the virtuosos of the early 80's majority of guitarist
back then it was all flash and no melody and more about showing off then
song writing. I think Amadeus Awad, being from a different country,
brings a different vibe to progressive rock.
This is how Amadeus describes his own album:

"The Universe is all about Harmony and Balance.
Yet what is the latter without paradox.
Under one phenomenon, the Sun and the Moon,
the sunrise and the sunset , equate.
The night becomes the day lights' refracting mirror.
The night becomes a bed of colors.
"Time Of The Equinox" is the musical incarnation
- The Universe in sounds and poetry.
An "Oeuvre" of diverse styles that meet
in the strangest manners"

And the songs are truly that plain poetry. He tells a very personal
message with his songs. With styles similar to Joe Satriani and
Pink Floyd it is a very mature album. I have to admit when i first
heard of Amadeus I was kinda of skeptical about his playing.
Unit i actually heard his playing. Songs like The Origins of Light and
Meteors in the Blue and it was definitely a fresh sound that i hadn't
heard before. I have to thank Amadeus for letting me listen to this album.
Maybe even finding another favorite guitar hero.

 Track List :
1. The Origins of Light
2. Gift of Solitude & Joy
3. Paper Dreams Pt. I : Requiem (Feat. Marc Boals)
4. Paper Dreams Pt. II : Dies Irae (Feat. Marc Boals)
5. Paper Dreams Pt. III : The Tempest (Feat. Marc Boals)
6. Time of The Equinox
7. Spiritus Devi (Bass Line Co Written With Jay Villan)
8. Meteors In The Blue (Feat. Liz Vandall From Sahara)
9. Virtual Eclipse
10. Nostalgia (Featuring Liz Vandall From Sahara)
11. Tales of Celtic Sunsets (Feat. Timo Somers From Delain)
12. Autumn Eyes (Feat. Elia Che)
13. L'Univers En Deuil

Songs 3 - 4 - 5 are one song of three parts, so listen to them as one.

Album Credits :

Vocals : Mark Boals, Liz Vandall & Elia Che
Piano & Keyboards : Mood Yassin
Guitars & Bass : Amadeus Awad
Guitar Solo On Track nb.11 By Timo Somers
Piano Solo On Track nb. 6 By Amadeus Awad

Oh did i fail to mention there was quite a few special guests on this
album including Mark Boals who used to be the vocalist for legendary
guitar player Yngwie Malmsteen. Also, Timo Somers who played in the
Netherlands band Vengence. Liz Vandell who sang and toured with Uli
John Roth.

 Here is what they had to say about Amadeus

After hearing their  comments you only have to do one thing. BUY THIS ALBUM!!

Time of the Equinox is already available for purchase on itunes and cdbaby

Also, go to his facebook page at

Review of My First Hardcore Song by Juliet

Posted: January 24, 2012 by metalbandnetwork in News

Review of my first hardcore song by juliet…First off give the girl a break she is only 8…

Review on new lamb of god album resolution

Posted: January 20, 2012 by metalbandnetwork in News

This is a review on the new lamb of god album resolution.  I give various comments on the songs straight from the sun, desolation, barbarosa, insurrection, to the end and king me.  After 12 years and 7 albums later these guys are for real.  I put them in the elite catergory with slayer, megadeth, testament, pantera, and sepultura.